Like Magic: Chemical enhancement makes rock salt more effect

(January 2005) New England highway workers have added a new trick to their repertoire: Magic Salt, a tonic for the times. And they’re not the only magicians in the business. Freezing rain, snow, sleet – a familiar refrain for another grueling Connecticut winter – are rarely coupled with the earthy smell of molasses. This season, [...]

Test Post

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Will Cornwall offer toast to alternative to rock salt?

(February 11, 2005) CORNWALL — Leftover soluble sludge from distilled vodka might someday be used to melt ice and snow on the town’s frigid winter roads. The price of salt is skyrocketing, with the average price the state paid for rock salt this year at $43.50 a ton, some 25 percent higher than last year, [...]

Backus Hospital Newsletter

(February 11,2005) A weekly newsletter for employees, volunteers, patients and friends of The William M. Backus Hospital. 326 Washington Street, Norwich, CT 06360.  Published by the Public Relations Dept., third floor Annex, x-4017 Magic salt eases slippin’ and slidin’ Usually at this time of year, Environmental Services personnel at Backus Hospital are vacuuming up huge [...]

Union Melts Snow Like “Magic”

Pam Allen – The Daily Gazette  A deicing solution tested on a section of Route 9 last winter appeared to minimize ice on the busy state roadway, and the chemical will be used again this winter to improve traffic safety, transportation officials said.  The magnesium chloride spray was tested for the first time in the [...]

Sussex Prepares to Fix Crumbling Parking Garage

$434,000 Slated for Judicial Complex Structure Author: Fred J. AunStar-Ledger StaffPublished on November 05, 1999 February 14, 2005 It will cost Sussex County about $434,000 to repair the county judicial complex’s disintegrating parking garage in Newton, even though the $2.5 million structure is only about 7 years old, officials said yesterday. The county set aside [...]

Just Blame it on the Weather Gods Nor-Easter Fizzles but the Plows Didn’t

Ed Fontaine is fried. It’s a little after 6 a.m. Friday and he’s pulled another all-nighter. He’s tired of plowing snow, tired of the ups and downs of Chesterfield Hill, tired of blind corners on Hurricane Road. He wearily pulls his city-owned orange dump truck up to the fuel pumps at 350 Marlboro St., fills [...]

Magic Salt Melts Away Winter Woes

Author: Mark D. Marotta, Staff WriterThe Willow Grove Guide  Although the snowfall these days may be fast and furious, Upper Moreland businessman John Stenger thinks he can offer a solution.  Along with partner Bob Young, Stenger is co-owner of Environmental Solutions Inc., the area’s exclusive distributor of Magic Salt, an ice- and snow-melting product manufactured [...]

Environmentally Friendly Deicer Makes Valley Debut

Author: Cheryl G. WilsonDaily Hampshire Gazette StaffPublished on December 17, 2004 WINTER begins on Tuesday, and many people are dreading the snow and sleet, slippery sidewalks and parking lots, dripping gutters and sand tracked into the house. Gardeners worry about salt and sand damage to lawns and shrubs, and they wince at the thought of [...]