The Buzz: Bill Biletzke

(February 21, 2004) Who: Bill Biletzke, 40, of Mystic Why you should know him: Biletzke may well have been helping to keep a parking lot near you free from ice slicks during some of the thermometer-busting cold snaps and snowstorms this winter. Biletzke is a landscaper who this year became the king of Magic Salt™ [...]

Like Magic: Chemical enhancement makes rock salt more effect

(January 2005) New England highway workers have added a new trick to their repertoire: Magic Salt, a tonic for the times. And they’re not the only magicians in the business. Freezing rain, snow, sleet – a familiar refrain for another grueling Connecticut winter – are rarely coupled with the earthy smell of molasses. This season, [...]

Will Cornwall offer toast to alternative to rock salt?

(February 11, 2005) CORNWALL — Leftover soluble sludge from distilled vodka might someday be used to melt ice and snow on the town’s frigid winter roads. The price of salt is skyrocketing, with the average price the state paid for rock salt this year at $43.50 a ton, some 25 percent higher than last year, [...]

Backus Hospital Newsletter

(February 11,2005) A weekly newsletter for employees, volunteers, patients and friends of The William M. Backus Hospital. 326 Washington Street, Norwich, CT 06360.  Published by the Public Relations Dept., third floor Annex, x-4017 Magic salt eases slippin’ and slidin’ Usually at this time of year, Environmental Services personnel at Backus Hospital are vacuuming up huge [...]