Firm serves sweet brew for de-icing roads

(December 8, 2004) It was discovered by an Eastern European scientist at a vodka factory. Deep into a Hungarian winter, the chemist noticed a startling sight: The pond behind the distillery — where the sugary, leftover swill from the factory had collected — never froze. The chemist figured out how to turn the mash into [...]

Pouring on the salt increases fiscal pain

(December 16, 2004) When a purchasing cooperative for area communities sought bids last spring for road salt, the outcome was unusual the group rejected all five contract proposals. Survey tracks how much area communities spent on road salt last year. “They were too high,” said Lara Thomas, regional administrator of the Southeastern Regional Services Group. [...]

Environmentally Friendly Deicer Makes Valley Debut

Author: Cheryl G. WilsonDaily Hampshire Gazette StaffPublished on December 17, 2004 WINTER begins on Tuesday, and many people are dreading the snow and sleet, slippery sidewalks and parking lots, dripping gutters and sand tracked into the house. Gardeners worry about salt and sand damage to lawns and shrubs, and they wince at the thought of [...]