Ooze Gets AAAHS for Keeping Ice off Parkway

¬†Magic Minus Zero is NJ Highway Authority’s main weapon against highway icing (October 27, 2000) No one ever made a big deal about the brown, sweet-smelling goo that oozed from the pipes at the Hungarian vodka distillery. Not until a chemist at the plant noticed something strange about the small, slow- running stream that ran [...]

Sussex Prepares to Fix Crumbling Parking Garage

$434,000 Slated for Judicial Complex Structure Author: Fred J. AunStar-Ledger StaffPublished on November 05, 1999 February 14, 2005 It will cost Sussex County about $434,000 to repair the county judicial complex’s disintegrating parking garage in Newton, even though the $2.5 million structure is only about 7 years old, officials said yesterday. The county set aside [...]