Crews Melt Ice with “Magic Salt”

(January 25, 2005) When temperatures dip into the teens there is a product snow removal crews can use to eat away at the ice and snow.

“Magic Salt” was developed about 10 years ago. It’s ordinary rock salt that’s treated with a liquid by-product of the distilling process. It’s then blended with magnesium chloride.

The maker of “Magic Salt” says it is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive and is an effective de-icer even at thirty degrees below zero.

“As far as costs, your up front costs are a little more bit more, however we use less salt so that brings the cost down and we do less trips which also brings your labor costs down and you are preventing slip and falls that brings your insurance rates down,” said Mike O’Brien, a snow removal contractor.

“Magic Salt” is primarily distributed to snow removal contractors. The New York State Department of Transportation also uses liquid de-icer in select areas.
The average homeowner can find similar ice melting products at home improvement stores.

Author: Wendy Mills

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