Location: Kohl’s Shopping Center, Route 9, Wappingers Falls, New York
(Approximately 75 miles North of New York City)
Date: January 18, 2001
Conditions: Two days after a 5” snow storm.
Remarks: Kohl’s took over the defunct Caldor’s chain in the summer of 2000. As the part of the remodeling project the entire parking lot was resealed and restriped. Snow removal contractor at this site uses traditional sand and salt applications.
1. Notice the amount of sand remaining in the parking areas. No stripes or lines are visible. Sand will remain until removed in the spring.
2. The purpose of sand is to provide traction. However, cars traveling on the access roads have pushed the sand onto the curbside and into the corners. Therefore the heaviest traffic areas have little or no sand – where traction is needed most!
3. Route 9 is maintained by New York State DOT, which uses rock salt treated with liquid IBG Magic Liquid. Notice that the lane markers are clearly visible.
4. Town roads (upper picture) and other parking areas are all treated with typical salt/sand, all except the lower right hand parking area.