IBG Magic Solid

Ice B’ Gone Magic

Ice B ‘Gone Magic (aka IBG Magic Granular & IBG Magic Liquid) is a highly effective ice melting product. It is highly effective down to -30°. Snow will “burn off” with no plowing. IBG Magic Granular works faster and lasts longer, saving you up to 30%-50% in salt use. IBG Magic Granular is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about IBG Magic!

What is Ice B’ Gone Magic Granular?

IBG Magic Granular starts out as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with a liquid, agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride. This patented liquid is trademarked as IBG Magic Liquid and dramatically transforms rock salt into a new de-icing material.

IBG Magic Granular is safer to use on concrete, is less corrosive, may not harm curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below  -35F° if used as directed.

IBG Magic Liquid is a highly effective  de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride and condensed distiller solubles. It is non-toxic, bio-degradable  and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.

The benefits and results of treating  your salt stockpiles or your sand/salt stockpiles with IBG Magic Liquid are amazing!

Features and Benefits of  Ice B’ Gone Magic Granular

IBG Magic Granular is regular rock  salt that has been treated with the liquid IBG Magic Liquid  at a rate of 8 gallons per ton of rock salt.

With a simple motorized pump and tank system, IBG Magic Liquid is easily applied to bulk rock salt stockpiles, to transform this corrosive, potentially destructive and inefficient material into IBG Magic Granular.

IBG Magic Granular is a highly effective ice melting product which is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick and environmentally friendly.

Here is a list of Ice B’ Gone  Magic Granular features and benefits:

  • IBG Magic Granular is economically superior. Because it works better and lasts longer, less IBG Magic Granular is required to displace an equal amount of ice or snow than with any other ice-melter – at any price.
  • Rock salt applications are reduced by 30% to 50%
  • The need for sand in most circumstances is virtually eliminated.
  • IBG Magic Granular works faster and lasts longer at much lower temperatures than ordinary rock salt.
  • IBG Magic Granular has a working temperature of -35°F, whereas regular rock salt is ineffective below 18°F. This is a net 53°degree gain in working temperature, similar to calcium chloride, without the adverse effects.
  • Because of its residual effect, snow and ice will not bond to the pavement. Black ice is virtually eliminated.
  • IBG Magic Granular is less corrosive. Unlike plain rock salt or calcium chloride, independent tests show IBG Magic Granular to be completely less corrosive.
  • IBG Magic Granular will not damage steel doors, thresholds, equipment, carpets, flooring or concrete. In fact, it neutralizes rust!
  • IBG Magic Granular will not cause concrete to split or any paved surface to degrade in any way.
  • Unlike calcium chloride and ordinary rock salt, IBG Magic Granular leaves no visible residue.
  • Unlike calcium chloride and ordinary rock salt, IBG Magic Granular is safe for people to handle.
  • IBG Magic Granular is environmentally friendly, releasing far less chlorides into the environment than either plain rock salt or calcium chloride.


The picture above is described in the following:
Location:    Condominium Complex.  Ashland, Massachusetts.
Date:    January 10, 2003 @ 8:00 AM
Conditions:    Light dusting of snow has fallen. Surface temperature 9° F
1.    Contractor uses IBG Magic Granular and did not have to spread any material for De-Icing.  The   contractor had spread IBG Magic Granular four days prior to a storm.  The residual IBG Magic Granular, now on the pavement, reacted with the “dusting of snow”, which melted on contact.
2.    The end result – the contactor did his job by providing a safe environment.  The possibility of a slip and fall was greatly reduced and the contractor did not even show up.  The contractor saved labor, time, and material, and has no sand to clean up in the spring.

Features and Benefits for Snow Removal Contractors

General Usage
Use of IBG Magic Granular exclusively (i.e. sand is ordinarily not required or necessary) results in substantial reduction of the volume of material required for de-icing applications.

  • Twice as much ordinary rock salt is required to produce the same effects.
  • Three times (or more) as much sand/salt (60/40) mix is required to equal IBG Magic Granular.

These major reductions in material volume obviously more than compensate for the premium price IBG Magic Granular commands.

  • Bulk IBG Magic Granular prices are typically 30% to 40% more than ordinary rock salt, although only half as much is required.
  • Bulk IBG Magic Granular usually costs about twice as much as a decent sand/salt mix, but only one third as much is needed to produce the same effect.

Specific Benefit Examples
In addition to these material volume cost advantages, IBG Magic Granular offers distinct benefits to every snow removal contractor, large or small and irregardless of whether services are billed hourly, per visit, or flat rate/seasonal.

  • Contractors who bill hourly or per visit will especially benefit by shutting spreader gates to one third normal. Since less material is used, fewer refill trips are required. Fewer refill trips save time and fuel.
  • IBG Magic Granular turns brown, which means the customer can see material being applied.
  • Flat rate contractors will make fewer visits.
  • To apply IBG Magic Granular during snow flurries or light snow events (two inches), set spreader gates to half the opening you usually use. Snow will “burn off” with no plowing. Customers don’t care how you do it or how long it takes, they just want to see clear pavement.
  • By eliminating the use of sand, every contractor will realize great savings from reduced spring clean-u costs. In the meantime customers will appreciate the absence of sand tracked into buildings and cars.
  • Contractor equipment will last much longer and with less maintenance expense without the extreme corrosiveness of rock salt and frictional damage from sand on chains, bearings, etc.
  • IBG Magic Granular will not harm grassed areas or horticulture when applied correctly. Therefore, incidental damage to customer’s property is dramatically reduced.

Summary: Bulk IBG Magic Granular is a cost effective material for every snow removal contractor. It is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick, and IBG Magic Granular is environmentally friendly.


The picture above is described in the following:
Location:  IBM Micro Chip Plant entrance and commercial parking lot in Poughkeepsie,      New York.
Date:    March 25, 2004
Conditions:    Left over sand from repeated sand/salt mix applications.  Several clean-ups   must now take place to put this area back in shape.
1. The sand needs to be cleaned up in the roadway.
2. Sand needs to be removed from damaged grass areas, which border the curb line.    Grass damage needs to be repaired.
3. Notice sand as it is washed into the storm drain.  The storm drain will need to be   vacuumed out in time as the sand and debris will clog the drain.
4. Notice additional grass damage from sand/salt use.
5. The grass area along the parking lot curb is undamaged because this contractor used   IBG Magic Granular and did not have the grass kill that the sand/salt has.


Spreader used one season with straight salt/sand


Packaged Ice B’ Gone Magic Granular

IBG Magic Granular is also available in pre-packaged 20 pound bags and 50 pound bags.

20 pound bags are oriented toward the retail market, local hardware stores, builder supply stores, and garden centers.

50 pound bags are much more economical and are targeted toward snow removal contractors.

Bags are convenient for use on sidewalks and steps, and other areas not accessible by truck. Bags are relatively easy to transport, inventory and distribute. Because of these features, some contractors rely heavily on bagged products, especially in urban areas. They are shipped in pallet quantities of:

  • (120) 20 pound bags and/or
  • (49) 50 pound bags

For more information, contact a distributor in your area.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Click here to download a IBG Magic Granular Material Safety Data Sheet. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing purposes. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We wish you a safe and profitable winter season.