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IBG Liquid saves you time, money, and labor. This patented formula may be applied to your salt. IBG Liquid can be sprayed onto regular rock salt, transforming it into IBG salt. By applying IBG Liquid directly to paved surfaces prevents ice and snow from bonding to the pavement. Black ice is eliminated and slip and falls are reduced. IBG reduces the corrosive nature of salt.

Our non-toxic, biodegradable formula has a corrosion index lower than distilled water. IBG Liquid can be applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm.

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Anti-Icing Application


De-Icing Application


Pre-Wetting Application

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Features and


When IBG Liquid is applied directly to the paved surfaces the following results occur:

  • Eliminates black ice
  • Neutralizes rust
  • Melts ice longer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Is less corrosive than distilled water
  • Keeps snow and ice from bonding to concrete and paved surfaces
  • Safer for concrete than calcium chloride
  • Longest residual effect than any other ice melt available
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For distributor, opportunities call us at (914-456-7990)
IBG Liquid is available for purchase in a couple different ways, please contact us for pricing.

Bulk salt spray: Our spray tank unit comes to you. You provide the loader and operator

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  • Contractor used IBG treated salt and did not have to spread any material for De-icing. Contractor applied IBG treated salt 4 days prior to a storm. The residual IBG treated salt, now on the pavement, reacted with the “dusting of snow”, which melted on contact.
  • The contractor did his job by providing a safe environment. The possibility of a slip and fall was greatly reduced and the contractor did not even show up. The contactor saved labor, time, material, and has no sand to clean up in the spring.
  • The sand needs to be removed from the roadway & damaged grass areas. Grass areas need to be repaired due to the use of salt/sand mixtures that was applied.
  • Sand washed into the storm drain. The storm drain will need to be vacuumed out in time as the sand and debris will clog the drain.
  • The grass area along the parking lot curb is undamaged because this contractor used IBG Magic treated salt and did not have the grass kill that the salt/sand caused.
  • Spreader Using IBG Treated Salt
    • This case study shows the original spreader, chains, and paint after being used 5 consecutive seasons.
    • (Notice the positioning of the spreader door)
  • Spreader Using Regular Salt-Sand Mix
    • This case study show the original spreader, chains, and paint after being used only one consecutive season.
    • (Notice the positioning of the spreader door)