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IBG is extremely effective for every municipality and snow contractor. IBG is less corrosive, safer for concrete and brick applications, and environmentally friendlier than any other liquid ice melt product today.

IBG Treated Salt

Plain rock salt when sprayed with IBG, which is an agricultural by-product of the distilling process, will give you the most effective ice melt product on the market available today.

IBG Enhanced Super Brine

Anti-icing | Prewetting | Brine with IBG

IBG Anti-Icing Liquid Applications Anti-icing | Prewetting | Brine with IBG

IBG liquid will perform at temperatures as low as -45°F. See why everyone is talking about IBG!


IBG Magic?

As an anti-icing product, IBG will perform in temperatures as low as -45° F. As a de-icing product, when sprayed on rock salt the IBG treated salt will work to -35° F. IBG works faster and works longer than any other conventional ice melting product. Dramatic reductions in application rates provide users with a saving of up to 30%-50% of their current salt use. IBG treated salt is 85% less corrosive, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about IBG!

The IBG is a cost-effective material for municipalities, snow contractors, facility and property managers. IBG reduces corrosion to equipment and reduces the volume of material needed as compared to typical ice melting products or techniques. IBG has a great residual effect and continues to work throughout the snow and ice event. IBG is safer for concrete, brick, plant material, and easier on your equipment. IBG is environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of chlorides used.



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Ibg Magic Treated Salt

IBG treated salt starts out as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with IBG Liquid that transforms ordinary rock salt into a high performance ice melt. IBG is safer to use on concrete since it is less corrosive and less harmful to curbside grassy areas or plants. The list of benefits of treating your salt stockpiles with IBG Liquid goes on and on!

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Ibg Magic liquid

IBG Liquid saves you money, time, and labor and is a powerful anti-icing solution. By applying IBG Liquid directly to paved surfaces it will prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Black ice is eliminated, slip and falls are reduced. Better yet, our non-toxic biodegradable formula has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.

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Safe for children and pets!



Jacob and Tood Longenbach
"IBG Magic is a game changer! Since using IBG we have reduced our material cost by 30%, labor hours by 20%, and we look like rockstars to our competition!"

- Jacob & Todd Longenbach Allentown PA

Jonathan Jackson
"Over a decade ago we discovered IBG Magic. It has made us more efficient & effective & has reduced our material costs... Which makes us more money!"

- Jonathan Jackson Columbus OH

Mike Anderson
"Using IBG Magic on my clients parking lots has saved me thousands of dollars in material & labor costs. Plus not a single accident, slip or fall because of it!"

- Mike Anderson Hammond IN

John Romanelli
"After using Ice B' Gone Magic, everything else on the market is just fighting for second place."

- John Romanelli Long Island NY

"We absolutely are happy with the treated salt. It really performs well in all weather conditions and continues to work for longer periods of time. I get more from your salt using less which we love to cut back if we can. "

-Adam Gemuenden Facilities and Maintenance Manager Mahtomedi Schools ISD 832